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Civil Partnerships

Civil Partnerships

Leadenhall Law Group Family Department advise couples, individuals and others on the legal issues connected with same-sex relationships.

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • cohabitation
  • civil partnerships
  • pre civil partnership agreements
  • the dissolution and/or breakdown of civil partnerships
  • financial settlements
  • issues relating to children

Entering into a Civil Partnership

The law surrounding civil partnerships was introduced in 2005 through the introduction of the Civil Partnership Act 2004. The Civil Partnership Act 2004 allows same-sex couples the opportunity to register their relationship as a Civil Partnership, provided both partners are aged 16 or over (and have given at least 15 days’ notice of their desire to register and the time and place of their intended registration at a licensed location).

Once registered, the Act gives partners many rights and responsibilities towards each other, both during the relationship and when it comes to an end (on death) or on separation. Civil partners are entitled to the same exemptions as married heterosexual couples, with many of the same rights.

Pre-partnership Agreements

Pre –partner partnership agreements work for couples in a civil partnership in the same that pre-nuptial agreements work for married couples. The agreement can offer a sensible way of attempting to protect your assets. At Leadenhall Law Group, the Family Department has the expertise to draft a pre-partnership agreement to protect your assets in the event of relationship breakdown at a later date.

Issues relating to children

If a couple can agree with whom the child/ren will live and when they will spend time with the other partner, there is no reason for the law to intervene.

If agreement cannot be reached, it is best to take legal advice about the options available to resolve issues around the children without involving the courts. Court proceedings should be a last resort and can be avoided. Leadenhall Law Group has an established and experienced Family Department to advise you and help you reach an amicable agreement, with or without involving the courts.


The process for dissolution of a civil partnership is very similar to the process of petitioning for a divorce. One of the parties must file an application with the court, requesting civil partnership dissolution No proceedings for a dissolution order can be commenced until 1 year from the date of the registration of the civil partnership.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the process of obtaining a dissolution order, or to book a free initial appointment.

Financial Settlements

If dissolution proceedings are commenced, it is open to either party to apply for financial provision whether by way of a lump sum payment, maintenance order, or an adjustment of their interest in property, pensions and other assets. There are many factors to take into account and there will be a range of possible solutions to dividing the assets of the partnership.

Leadenhall Law Group Ltd specialist family lawyers will advise you as to the range of factors which need to be considered, such as the length of relationship, your ages, your assets (including property), and your income and pension provisions.

Sometimes a couple are able to reach agreement quickly through their own discussions, mediation or through negotiations between respective solicitors. Where this is possible, this agreement can be drawn up into an order sealed by the court, often referred to as a Consent Order.

Sometimes, where the couple cannot reach agreement, one will make an application to the court, and it is then up to the court to decide on the division of the assets.

For advice about civil partnerships contact our specialist family solicitors in the Family Department of Leadenhall Law Group.