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Wills, Trust & Probate

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We offer a Will Writing service for all our clients who want to make a new Will or update their existing one. The importance of having a fully ratified and legally valid Will cannot be overstated. It can be very difficult to have your final wishes carried out, if for whatever reason, the will is invalid. In such situations, there are rigorous and inflexible guidelines provided by the law, which set out how any properties or financial and material assets are distributed. The end result may be the complete opposite of your originally intended wishes.

We will prepare a Will that is made specifically for you, and your own unique circumstances. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that whatever you wish to do, from appointing a Guardian for your children who are under 18 to specifying who does and does not benefit from your estate, will be dictated by the terms of a legally valid Will

We have a friendly, approachable and professional team who can offer you sound advice for peace of mind. We are able to meet you at our offices either in Norwich or London for an appointment at a time that is best for you.

Probate fees

Probate is a complex service for us to cost accurately without further information from our clients however the following is a guide of what you can expect to pay during the course of the Transaction. Our fees are based on the time we spend and a 1% value element on personal assets and a 0.5% charge on property value. Our hourly rates range between £150-£250 plus VAT depending on the nature of work involved. 

Third Party Fees and Disbursements will need to be paid to other companies on your behalf as part of the process. These include Probate Registry Fees (approximately £155). Other fees are payable if there is a need to advertise in the Gazette or to conduct searches. These fees can range from £100 to £250 plus VAT but may not be applicable. 

Our fees above are on the assumption that the transaction is simple, based primarily in the United Kingdom and there are no or limited assets that would complicate the process or increase the timescales. It also assumes that there are no external costs and charges included, that we may incur as part of the administration (e.g. tax liability, financial penalties, benefit repayments, etc.) as these are not possible to foresee prior to your instructions but may be applicable to your individual case. If your transaction involves selling a property and we deal with the conveyancing transaction as well then that will be charged separately at our fixed rates, which can be found here